where there is no movement there is pain. where there is movement there is no pain.
— traditional chinese saying

Flower Essences

Your true self holds all your potential, your purpose, total clarity and all of the infinite possibilities harnessed within you. An emotional blockage is often described as feeling stuck as if something is holding you back or feeling disconnected to yourself and the world around you. This could present itself as an overall frustration with life, loss of creativity, being emotionally numb or an existence that feels completely misaligned.

Once a blockage has been released from the body, the healing process begins. When energy flows the body will intuitively heal the stagnant area. Flower essences are very important and work in conjunction with this process; their energetic potency goes much deeper than the physical ailment. This is a vital component to healing emotional and spiritual traumas. Flower essences are also an integral part of supporting your spiritual development journey by creating new neural pathways in the brain allowing the body, mind and spirit to become one .

Anata Healing Flower Essences are crafted with gemstones, 100% pure organic essentials oils and planetary alignment to assist you on your healing journey. Through placing the oils on your body and specific Acupuncture points, your body will realign into the highest vibratory healing space.