Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta is a life line for your little one. It brings nourishment and health to your new born. In China, Chinese Doctors took the placenta (after birth), after delivery and made soup or capsules out of it. There are many health benefits. Ingesting the placenta in whichever form you choose helps nourish the body by replenishing the Liver and Kidneys, helps nourish the mind by decreasing the risk of postpartum. Helps increase the production of milk and allow flow to the mammary glands, decreasing pain.


The process of turning the placenta into capsules, takes about twenty four hours to complete. Starting by cutting the excess connective tissue that is around the placenta. Secondly the placenta has to be cleaned, making sure all the blood is taken out. Then the placenta is steamed with varies herb and spices. The end result is the placenta turned into a pure placenta powder that is placed into capsules for ingestion. Helps balance your body back to it’s natural state after the trauma endured in the birthing process. It nourishes the blood, and decreases pain.


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