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Dr. Natalie Jensen is a registered Massage Therapist that has been practicing Massage Therapy since March, 2004. Natalie’s approach to massage is based on the persons concern, which she can use different modalities that may help in her approach to treating her patients. Such as working on the patients muscles at a deeper level to help release the stagnation that is built up due to the pain they are feeling in their bodies, especially if it’s been there for a longer period of time. Natalie adjusts her pressure based on how the client feels, which means she’s also able to provide a lighter pressure massage known as relaxation massage. Trigger point release is something she finds helpful for the client as well. Natalie finds a sore spot (trigger point), in the muscle and she asks the client to breathe the pain away through their nose and out through their mouth, by bringing oxygen into the muscle, this seems to be a considerable way to help decrease the pain during and after the release has been completed. An important component of Natalie’s approach is working with the emotional body as she feels it’s important to connect all three areas of the body, mind and spirit. An assessment is important approach to help give the client direction in choosing which modality Natalie offers is right for the client.


Natalie is also trained in relaxation reflexology. Reflexology is working on the patient’s feet and stimulating specific areas which pertain to the organs and systems in our body. She can stimulate organs such as the Liver, Spleen and the intestines. Reflexology has been used for many years and it is one of the most relaxing modalities that are offered widely around the globe. To have your feet rubbed for forty five minutes is heavenly especially if you used to being on your feet all day.


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