Cupping is another modality I use to help treat my clients, which comes from the Chinese medicine perspective of healing. Cupping in combination with massage can be used to help release the toxin, Qi and blood stagnation which can accumulate in the muscle tissue. It’s also great for lymphatic drainage as it gently pulls the lymph to the surface of the skin and helps guide the lymph to the proper drainage sites in the body.

Cellulite cupping is very affective also because it breaks down the toxin accumulation inside the adipose tissue (fat). It brings the toxins out of the adipose tissue and releases histamines and toxins that accumulate in the body. A series of treatments is very helpful for the success in combination with regular exercise and healthy food choices, which can be discussed.

Facial cupping works on our beauty marks, yes our wrinkles. The facial cups are small glass cups that vary in size. The best possible treatment for the wrinkle treatment would be first Acupuncture on the face and followed by the facial cups to enhance the flow of the Qi and blood. This treatment leaves no discoloration to the skin but brings a warm gentle glow to the face.

Cupping usually leaves some discoloration on the skin, but will disappear within a few days and gives a nice myofascial release to the muscles. Cupping is done at the end of the session as its a decompression not a compression treatment.


Cupping is one of the most oldest recognized healing modalities that have been around since 1500 BC. The Egyptians, Chinese, Aztecs, Greeks, and the Mayans are just a few of the Ancient healing cultures that use this modality, each giving it it’s own unique touch.

There are many different styles of cups that are used for different treatment protocols. Clients can come in for ailments such as a fever, any joint or muscles pain, edema, digestive imbalances, depression, headaches, or something more structural such as cellulite treatment, facial cupping and or reflexology.

The cups tend to leave some red and or purple marks on the area that has been worked on. If this shall occur, this is a good sign that the heat and toxins are brought to the superficial layers of the skin and detoxifying process can occur. If there is more red spots noted then there is more heat that is in the body and if there is more purple that shows up there is more toxin accumulated. The toxins can be such things as environmental, the foods we ingest, the alcohol we consume, etc. After a cupping session it’s recommended the client drink more water then they normally would to help flush out the toxins and rehydrate the muscle tissue. I also like to recommend the client take an epson salt bath to help nourish the muscles and aids in the detoxification process.

In regards to the facial cupping, it’s recommended for facial rejuvenation as a natural alternative to chemically treated facial lifts such as Botox. If the client are interested in this natural alternative and has had Botox it’s recommended the client wait for six months before the cupping therapy can be started. Facial cupping is great for any chronic sinus congestion, headaches or just a fresh vibrant look. It helps bring circulation to the surface of the skin therefore very rejuvenating and relaxing. If you interested in learning more about cupping you can use our contact page to contact Dr. Natalie Jensen for further information.


Moxibustion is used to help warm the meridians, it’s a herb called Ai ye, which penetrates into the meridians and helps disperse the cold Qi. Cold Qi can cause pain and stagnation, so warming the meridians help to release the blockages in the specific area.


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