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New addition to my healing modalities....
Acutonics sound vibrational healing is an unique modality that adds to any treatment protocol given by Dr. Natalie Jensen. Acutonics is a non invasive modality that allows a deep connection to the meridians in our bodies and helps to unblock the blockages that we encounter throughout our daily lives.The treatment allows the body to connect with sound and for those who would rather no needles this is a good alternative. Acutonics could be used for many different modalities some including inflexibility, cold hands and feet, headache, depression, nightmares, emotionally shut down, fear of failure and or fear of success. With the combination treatment we can move the stagnation both with the Acupuncture and the Acutonics. With that emotion or feeling we use a specific fork that allows the vibration to release the blockage and the needle in combination with the fork to help release the pain or whichever needs to be release in the body at that time. The Acutonics is also a great way to start the massage therapy treatment off to a good start.

The Acutonics works with the planets and each planet has a specific frequency that attunes to the body. Natalie has discovered, in her continual Acutonics (sound vibrational healing) training, it leaves her clients feeling more fulfilled and connected to their body, mind and spirit. The tuning forks Natalie uses is based on Science; and with that NASA has specifically calculated the frequency of each fork and came up with these amazing healing tools. The tuning forks that are used correlate to the planets these are called new moon, full moon, zodiac, earth day, the solar 7th and the Om unison which is the universal sound of the planet. Each fork has a specific function based on each of the vibrational frequency. Some are used for pain, some for tonifying the organs, and some for completing the healing cycle within the body.

Sound and vibration is what surrounds us from the time we’re discovered in the womb to the time were out in the world. Everyday we hear sound and for those of us who don’t hear sound we feel. Acutonics enhances the healing and pushes it to a new cosmic level. Come experience the sound of healing.


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